Origins Newsletter No. 213 (May 2009)

Do not think this salvation is for the present time alone.
It will be the Divine Record for eternity.

Ofudesaki II:10

Kokan Seminar
WA Oyasama Birth Celebration Concert
Mission Headquarters of Hawaii 4/7
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Origins Newsletter No. 212 (April 2009)

What do you think this Service is?
It is none other than the means to universal salvation.

Ofudesaki II:9

Kokan Seminar
BGA General Meeting
Mission Headquarters of Hawaii 3/22
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Tenrikyo Hawaii Convention 2011


The convention is a continuation of the Tenri Forum which occurred in 2006, which was a gathering of Tenrikyo English-speaking followers to listen to and discuss the current attitudes and interpretations of the Teachings in their own native language under the following theme:

One World, One Family
– Enriching Our Relationships with Joyous Faith –

Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawaii Essay Contest 2009

Download the 2009 Essay contest form, rules, and details here:

This essay contest is open to all persons over 14 years of age.

1st prize: $500
2nd prize: $300
3rd prize: $200


Origins Newsletter No. 211 (March 2009)

The reason for my hastening, if you should ask,
is that I desire performers of the service.

Ofudesaki II:8

Kokan Seminar
Follow Miss Kokan Seminar
Tenrikyo Taitan Church 2/21-22
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