Origins & まこと Newsletter No. 220 (December 2009)

When this path can be seen, even a little,
all minds in the world will become spirited.

Ofudesaki II:17

nioigake dayOyasato Seminar 25th Anniversary (11/21)in Hawaii at Mission HQ

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Origins & まこと Newsletter No. 219 (November 2009)

What do you think this talk is about? I am hastening for the places where God’s truth is conveyed.

Ofudesaki II:16

nioigake dayPainting Hinokishin by YMA (10/25) at Mission HQ & Tenri Cultural Center (TCC)

Makoto まこと Issues 2009

We have uploaded this year's Makoto issues.  We will now be updating this website with Makoto issues.

Origins Newsletter No. 218 (October 2009)

If you are sincere in desiring this path to be, ponder over everything from your innermost heart.

Ofudesaki II:14

nioigake dayAll-Tenrikyo Nioigake Day September 7, 2009

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Origins Newsletter No. 217 (September 2009)

Though I desire to open this path quickly, there is no place else to open it.

Ofudesaki II:14

tenrikyo picnic39th Annual Tenrikyo Bazaar August 30, 2009

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