Origins & まこと No. 240 (Aug. 2011)

Issue 240, August 2011

Cover story: The 41st Hawaii Spiritual Development Course

Origins Newsletter Front Cover

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  • pg.3-4 Message from the Head of the Overseas Department
  • pg.5 July Monthly Service Prayer
  • pg.6-9 Monthly Service Sermon

Island Life:

  • pg.10-11 Translation Conference for the English Singable-Danceable Mikagura-uta, etc
  • pg. 12 Tenrikyo Picnic
  • pg.13-19 Faith Speeches of Hawaii Spiritual Development Course
  • pg.20-21 Tidbits & Obituary
  • pg.22 Hungry Reporter
  • pg.23 Activity Calendar
  • pg.24 Announcements