Origins & Makoto Newsletter

The Tenrikyo Origins and Makoto Newsletters is a monthly publication of articles on recent Tenrikyo-related events that have occurred in Hawaii.

Mission Statement

"To provide for the Tenrikyo community in Hawaii and the people in the State of Hawaii information related to the services, activities, and events of Tenrikyo in Hawaii. To inspire and initiate interest in having faith in religion, namely Tenrikyo, by conveying the Truth of the Jiba in words, and help-ing one another to the path of the Joyous life."

Origins, the English-version of the newsletter, has translated or original English articles.

Makoto, the Japanese-version of the newsletter, also has original English articles. Makoto, or まこと written in Japanese Hiragana, as a Tenrikyo term means sincere; usually to describe a person with a pure heart and works diligently in one's profession.

Current Chair: Rev. Tyron Inouye
Former Chair/Advisor: Rev. Owen Nakao